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Text Replace Tool

  • Find specific character, word, sentence or text and replace with new text
  • Case Sensitive & Case Insensitive option
  • To remove all lines from input, Enter an empty line (clicking Enter on your keyboard) in "Find Text" and leave "Replace Text" as empty
  • To add an extra line to input after each new line, Enter an empty line in "Find Text" and enter two empty lines in "Replace Text"
  • To add an extra chracter at the end of each line, For example to add a comma at the end of each line, Enter an empty line in "Find Text" and add a comma followed by an empty line in "Replace Text"
  • These are few examples, you can do much more with "Text Replace Tool" like removing specific character at the begining of line, or at the end of the line, etc...
  • Clicking on copy icon will copy the output text to clipboard
  • Clicking on move icon will move the output to input textbox and replace text functionality will be applied again!


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